Origins of Two Gulfs Inc.

The idea for Two Gulfs started when the two founders, Fasih Agha and John Murnane, realized there was an untapped market opportunity in helping small to medium sized companies in NAFTA Zone connect with similarly sized companies in South Asia and the Persian Gulf Region. While large multinationals have little difficulty doing business in both regions, small companies often lacked the resources and skills necessary to overcome the technical, economic and cultural hurdles making collaboration difficult. The two resolved to build a company focused on making collaboration not only possible but also beneficial for all parties involved, something that hasn't always been the situation in international trade.

John and Fasih had worked together for almost a decade prior to Two Gulfs with John acting as US country manager for TEIL, the machinery equipment components company headed by Fasih. During those years (post 9/11 and the early years of the Financial Crisis) the pair experienced many of the very same hurdles. This experience proved invaluable. The issues small companies face doing business around the world is not an abstract theory to them - the two lived it.

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