Representation and Agency

Management at Two Gulfs Inc. have deep and extensive experience setting up and executing sales channels via manufacturers’ representation and outside sales agency. We have been reps and have also employed reps. These efforts include selling highly engineered custom products requiring challenging pioneering efforts into markets as diverse as the Middle East, EU and NAFTA Zone.

We have been successful marketing domestic producers in their home markets as well as to foreign markets. Similarly, we can help foreign producers to market in NAFTA Zone, EU and Middle East.

We are always looking for good companies to represent. We have two areas we are especially interested in:

1. Companies supplying highly engineered custom components used by NAFTA Zone or EU OEM’s producing transportation equipment, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining, oil and gas processing equipment.

2. Small to medium sized manufacturers offering products or services possessing unique intellectual property.

Our Principals


Two Gulfs management has a combined 50 years’ experience performing domestic and international market development. In that time period we have had to overcome a lot of hurdles. We believe no one should have to reinvent the wheel. As a result TGI offers market and product development consulting. We believe we can help companies expand their reach geographically to other markets or into other industrial sectors. Please give us a call and let us discuss how we might be able to help you.



  • Our team sources difficult to find parts, tools and related accessories & consumable materials from manufacturers and master distributors.
  • Our mission is to provide our customers best of class products delivered promptly at a very reasonable price.
  • Feel free talk with one of our salesmen about your specific requirements. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs and budget.

Products We Offer Include

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PTA Equipment

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PTA & Laser

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Hardfacing Wire

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Torque Tools

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Measuring Instruments

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One-Piece Hose Fittings

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Non Sparking Tools

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